The "Vintage" Collection

This month, our web-shop promotion highlights our “Vintage” collection - a series of collections that feature vintage textiles from Thailand and other parts of South-East Asia in the form of home decor.  

("Vintage Hmong" cushion)

While we at Sop Moei Arts specialize in textiles woven by Karen weavers, we also like to show-case beautiful vintage textiles woven by other ethnic minority groups in the area.  Our current collection of "Vintage Hmong" cushion covers are made from sections of traditional Hmong skirts.  Traditional Hmong skirts are sewn from closely pleated lengths of cloth, often eight to nine meters in length. Intricate patterns are created both by wax resist dyeing with natural indigo, as well as cross-stitch embroidery.  Applique with colourful fabrics is often added for finishing touches.  The process is so time-consuming that nowadays, many Hmong women wear skirts printed and embroidered entirely by machine.

(Lengths of vintage Hmong fabric showing wax resist dyeing and applique)

Our Hmong cushions, however, are stitched together from authentic, vintage Hmong skirts, collected many years ago.  The fabrics have been carefully washed, and in many instances worn or damaged applique work has been removed, revealing the hemp base, dyed with natural indigo.  

(Part of the "Vintage Hmong" cushion collection)

Each vintage cushion cover is made from a section of a traditional Hmong skirt and is therefore unique.  To complement this collection, we have also created some mix and match cushion covers in hemp.  The entire collection is now available in our web-shop, and the April Promotion runs until April 30th.

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