"A Journey through Texture and Colour"

A word from Kent Gregory about our new collection of table runners "A Journey through Texture and Colour".

If you are a longtime supporter of Sop Moei Arts, chances are you will have seen our table runners.  Perhaps you even own one.  It is one of the first products that we made - starting way back in the 90's when we were still feeling our way into designing home decor products.  We made long ones, short ones, minis, but the unifying character for all of them was the same - a combination of strips of our hand woven, patterned textiles with plain silk fabrics - in a variety of carefully co-ordinated colourways.

Over the years, however, I've met a lot of people who want something different for their homes.  Something graphic for an architect.  Something rustic, for a California ranch house.  Bursts of colour, but without the shine.  Northern lights for a nordic summer house.  A gift for a gentleman.  Minimalist colours for a city studio.  Indigo shades for a painter.


Working on a new table runner design and the finished product

With this as inspiration, I've given it a go.  Broken open boxes and boxes in our textile archive, unlocking a pandora's box of memories stretching back to our first years of weaving.  Played around with new colourways.  Worked out different ways of joining the fabrics - cut all the pieces - cotton, silk, viscose, hemp and raw hemp.  The result is a collection of twenty five new table runners - all of them unique, not repeatable.  You can browse the collection here.


A variety of colours, textures and different designs from the new collection

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